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RINAlliance ® is a web-based renewable fuel compliance program open to qualified blenders and marketers registered under the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The comprehensive RINAlliance program provides assistance with EPA registrations, convenient access to compliance experts, easy to use online RIN tracking system, quarterly reporting, annual attestation, and RIN quality assurance tools. Upon RIN Separation, our blenders may aggregate with millions of other RINs for pooled sales or they may market their own RINs. We have a 100% client satisfaction rate and clients are able to discontinue the use of RINAlliance services at any time as no long term commitments are required.

Over 125 blenders nationwide are currently using RINAlliance for their complete RFS compliance requirements. Clients have access to staff with years of experience in RFS, IRS motor fuel tax, renewable fuel infrastructure and virtually every aspect of renewable fuels marketing. Our individual clients are blending anywhere from 16,000 to more than 240 million gallons of renewable fuel per year. We are the single largest web-based system working on behalf of renewable fuel blenders and marketers.

Our goal is to help any petroleum jobber/marketer easily and seamlessly blend with renewable fuels while maintaining 100% compliance with EPA/RFS rules and regulations. By providing these services, we can help our clients achieve higher profit margins without the fear of penalties brought on by non-compliance and regulatory enforcement.

Challenges of Purchasing Renewable Fuels with RINs

Today’s blenders are faced with the daunting task of determining whether the RINs they are receiving are legitimate and valid. As the value of a RIN is interwoven into the price of the end blended product at the dispenser, this becomes paramount in importance. RINAlliance provides due diligence assistance for our clients. Because RINs may be transferred on to any gallon of renewable fuel, regardless of who generated the RIN or who your supplier may be, it is often impossible to determine whether you are receiving a marketable RIN until it is too late. RINAlliance works with blenders to determine a RIN’s marketability. If your company has a vested interest in a renewable fuel production facility, we can also provide access to third party engineering site audits of the facility to help you and your supplier maintain the value of the RIN.

Complying with EPA’s RFS Program

It is true that the EPA’s RFS program is filled with twists and turns. A relatively new set of rules is often plagued with fraud and illegal activities. RIN transaction and summary reporting must be completed and filed quarterly, and an annual audit (attest engagement) must be completed each year by a third party CPA firm. Blenders are charged with tracking every transaction detail associated with RIN transfers. This is the process by which EPA intends to regulate these new rules.

RINAlliance proactively monitors RIN activity and reviews each client’s quarterly reports looking for “red flags” prior to submitting reports to the EPA. If issues are identified, RINAlliance staff will work with client to quickly correct any errors and offer suggestions on how to better manage the RIN credits. Furthermore, the RINAlliance system adapts to changes in EPA’s changing rules so that our clients can rest assured that their reports are not only accurate but correctly formatted. This is possible with zero internal software development for RINAlliance clients.

For each compliance year, RIN owners must hire a third party certified public accountant to perform an attestation (audit) of RIN transactions and quarterly reports. Because RINAlliance is considered a RIN “system of record” by EPA, our CPA’s are uniquely able to complete the attestations for our clients in a very concise and timely manner. This background record keeping and total transaction history RIN management system allows our CPA’s to review accounts multiple times throughout the compliance year and all but guarantees a flawless end-of-year audit.

Solutions to RIN Marketing

The due diligence performed by RINAlliance and its clients has established RINAlliance as a leader in RIN accuracy and validity. The RINs managed in our system have been made marketable through the actions of our blenders. RINAlliance can document when a RIN is separated, by whom, and for what reason. Documenting the point of separation is an integral part of EPA’s RFS program and one area in which many indiscretions have occurred over the past few years. RINAlliance has been working with blenders on buying, separating, and selling RINs in accordance with the RFS regulations since 2007.

Clients of RINAlliance may benefit by aggregating their RINs with millions of others or they may use the system for strict compliance purposes while marketing their own RINs. The RINAlliance program has been built for blenders and we are here to adapt to your unique business requirements.

For more information on the RINAlliance program or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us at info@rinalliance.com or call 1-866-433-7467.


  • Internet Based System
  • Secure and Confidential Data Handling
  • Computerized Data Base
  • Easy Access - 24/7
  • Base + per Unit Pricing
  • Electronic Compliance Reports
  • Internal Security
  • User Friendly Terminology
  • PTD Creation Function
  • Compliance with Federal Laws and Regulation
  • Eliminates In-House Development Costs
  • Eliminates Independent Audits Expense
  • Operated by Industry Specialists
  • Opportunity for Seller Clout with Aggregated RIN Trading
  • Profit Sharing Opportunity within the RIN Market

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