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July 2016:  Industry Supported NATSO Comments on the RFS Proposed Standards for 2017 and Biomass Based Diesel Volume for 2018...comments include "EPA should explicitly reject the idea of revising the definition of obligated party under the RFS."

June 2016:  Valero's Petition for Rulemaking: RFS Definition of Obligated Party...Valero proposes to shift the point of obligaton from the refiner and importer to the blender..

REVISED Procedures for Filing 2015 Retroactive and new 2016 Biodiesel Blending Credit Claims

EPA Issues New Rules - Protections for Downstream Blenders and Obligated Parties...RINAlliance Update - July 7, 2014....This update includes discussion on..Quality Assurance Program, Improper RIN Separation, RIN Separation Documentation, Transparency of Renewable Fuel Content, Exporter RIN Retirement, New Cellulosic Pathway - Biogas to CNG....

Ethanol Producer Magazine:  Regulation Meets Its Match...Jeff Hove talks about the complex world of RFS compliance and management - May 14, 2014

PMAA votes RINAlliance "Best in the US" for RIN Trading Programs

Industry Meeting with OMB and EPA - RIN Quality Assurance Rules Letter - April 25, 2014...Industry reps from PMAA, NATSO, SIGMA, NACS, and PMCI (RINAlliance) met with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday to discuss the importance of expediting EPA RFS rules. 

Transmix Fuel Reformulators - RFS Obligated Party...A common example of a fuel reformulator is a marketer that manages pipeline transmix by bringing the transmix back up to ASTM standards for gasoline and/or diesel fuel.    The party bringing the product up to spec must report the added volume of product, created by additives, to the EPA.  For additional information on the application of this regulation, please review 40CFR Part 80.1407(c) and (f).

RINAlliance and AIMS, Inc. Partnership Offers Petroleum Marketers Robust Software Soluions - 2/26/14

CLICK HERE for the 2/20/14 RINAlliance Compliance Update Webinar

Blender Credit:  IRS Enforcement

2014 RFS Aministration Letter - October 2013

2014 RFS Script for Congressional Offices

BPAMA partners with RINAlliance for RFS Solutions

AMBEST – America’s Best Truck Stops and Service Centers Partners with RINAlliance for RFS Solutions

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