Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) have become absolutely necessary for petroleum marketers to maintain their competitive edge.  RINAlliance has worked with Obligated Parties (RIN Buyers) and Renewable Fuel Producers (RIN Generators) to create a system of pre-qualified RIN credits and supply of wet gallons.  Our program allows for risk-free RIN management, brokering, and quick turn-around on RIN sales.  In order to meet the RINAlliance Quality Assurance Requirements for inclusion in this unique system, the following must be true:

Renewable Fuel Blenders must utilize the RINAlliance System of Record which provides the following:

Renewable Fuel Producers must utilize an EPA approved Quality Assurance Program System which provides the following:

In addition to the above, the RIN Buyer may also have a list of approved RIN Generators (Producers).  This program creates a risk-free environment that allows RINAlliance clients access to existing and new renewable fuel supplies.  Members have a guarantee that these RINs will be sold in a timely manner and at top tier values. 

If you are already a RINAlliance client in need of more qualified product or if you are a Blender and looking for compliance solutions that will increase profit margins, contact Info@RINAlliance.com or call 1-866-433-7467.

Most Obligated Parties (RIN Buyers) are requiring that biodiesel (D4), advanced (D5), and cellulosic (D3/D7) RINs be generated under a Quality Assurance Program.  This QAP program provides assurances and preventative measures that will protect downstream blenders against EPA violations should RINs be determined to be invalid.  Obligated Parties rarely require the QAP program for renewable fuel (ethanol) D6 RINs.

***NEW***If your supplier is currently under the provisional QAP rules, they are to take certain steps to have a seamless QAP into 2015, without interruption.  This is very important.  If the supplier fails to meet QAP requirements on January 1, 2015, then those RINs will not be noted as “Q-RIN” and will not be included in the RINAlliance contract sales.  The best indicator of meeting the QAP requirements will be via your RINAlliance account.  At the point of CONFIRMING BUYs from your supplier, you will see either “Q-RIN” or “Unverified”.  This will indicate the EPA status of the RINs in question.  A list of QAP facilities can be found below.

At this time, the following producers meet the RINAlliance 2015 RIN sale contract terms: 

(* = producers who meet the EPA Quality Assurance Requirements)

Ag Processing Inc.
REG - Renewable Energy Group
Cargill Biodiesel
Archer Daniels Midland Company
BioVantage Fuels, LLC - Belvidere, IL*
Blue Sun Biodiesel LLC - St. Joe, MO*
Center Alternative Energy - Cleveland, OH*
Clinton County Bio Energy LLC - Clinton, IA*

Deerfield Energy LLC - Deerfield, MO
Emergent Green Energy, Inc. - Minneola, KS*
GHI Energy LLC - Houston, TX*
Green Gallon Solutions NFM – North Fort Myers, FL*
Green Gallon Solutions TN - Cookeville, TN*
Iowa Renewable Energy LLC - Washington, IA*

Louis Dreyfus - Kansas City, MO and Wilton, CT
Maine Standard Biofuels - Portland, ME*
Midwest Biodiesel Products LLC - South Roxana, IL*
New Leaf Biofuel, LLC - San Diego, CA*
Producers Choice Soy Energy, LLC - Moberly, MO*
Pure Energy Earth Resources - Gilbert, AZ*
RECO Biodiesel - Richmond, VA*
Sanimax Energy, Inc. - DeForest, WI*
Sullens Biodiesel - Morrison, TN*
Sun Power Biodiesel - Cumberland, WI*
Virginia Biodiesel Refinery, LLC - West Point, VA*
Walsh Biofuels, LLC - Mauston, WI*

PLEASE NOTE:  This list is subject to change.  Contact RINAlliance (866-433-7467) for the most up-to-date list.  No RIN quality or merchantability warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied.