No Impact to RINAlliance Clients Expected from EPA RIN Reforms

Today, EPA released the final rule on the Proposed RIN Reforms presented this past March. RINAlliance is pleased to announce that the final rule will allow us to continue to help our clients participate in the RIN markets. We have been instrumental in ensuring the future market participation of our clients, meeting with EPA and the U.S. Small Business Administration on multiple occasions. We also worked with legal advisors to submit comments to EPA opposing certain RIN reforms that limited trading.

The final rule focuses on two of the five proposed reforms. First, EPA is now “requiring public disclosure of when RIN holdings held by an individual actor exceed specified limits.” These reporting thresholds are 3 percent of the total D6 RINs (roughly 450 million RINs), which is much higher than what our clients transact.

The second reform is the “require[ment] [of] the reporting of additional prices…” This reporting is mostly related to sales price but will allow $0.00 reporting for clients using services like RINAlliance for trading. Further guidance from EPA is expected on the implementation of the final rule.

The rules to into effect on January 1, 2020.