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Reo Menning, Executive Vice President, interviews with BioDiesel Magazine

"We have many checks and balances to ensure accuracy, " Menning says.

RINAlliance CEO Dawn Carlson Interview on the President’s Year-Round E15 Announcement.

Dawn Carlson, CEO of RINAlliance, shared that more investment was needed to grow E15

The Importance of the RFS

Dawn Carlson, president and CEO of Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa (PMCI) speaks with REG about the importance of the RFS.

Federal Biodiesel Tax Credit Retroactively Reinstated for 2017

“This is a victory for RINAlliance clients,” says Dawn Carlson, RINAlliance President and CEO.

RINAlliance Attributed with Helping Small Retailers Thrive under the RFS

Take a look at this video created by The Main Street Energy Alliance on the Point of Obligation

RINAlliance President Dawn Carlson Interviewed by Biodiesel Magazine

In this article, Dawn Carlson, President of RINAlliance, concludes, "Fuel marketers that don't offer biodiesel are leaving money on the table."

RINAlliance Data Demonstrates RFS Success Under Existing Point of Obligation

RINAlliance clients, small and large, blend renewable fuels profitably by taking advantage of RIN markets.