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EPA to Initiate Reset Rule for Renewable Fuel Standard for 2020-2022

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to propose a reset rule early 2019

EPA Proposed Renewable Volume Obligations for 2019

EPA Releases Proposed Renewable Volume Obligation for 2019

Letter to the EPA Administration Urging EPA to Halt the Small Refiner Exemptions

Five Senators sent letter to EPA on April 9 urging EPA to halt the small refiner exemptions

Senators Called on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to Stop Granting Exemptions

Thirteen Midwestern senators called on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to stop granting small refiners exemptions from their RFS obligations

EPA Issues Final 2018 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO)

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt reaffirmed his promise to maintain the RFS.

EPA Administrator Letter on Point of Obligation, 2018 RVOs, E15 Waivers, and RIN Regulations

Pruitt notes preliminary analysis suggests final RVOs should be set at or greater than proposed amount.

EPA Request for Comments on Proposed 2018 RVOs

EPA is considering further reductions to the already proposed RVOs for 2018.

EPA Issues Proposed RVOs for 2018

Proposed RVOs similiar to prior year.