Michael Regan Confirmed as New EPA Administrator

Senate Confirms Michael Regan as new EPA Administrator for the Biden Administration. Regan is now set to handle the Biden Administration's Climate Agenda and, of particular interest, issues arising under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program

The Commodities Credit Corporation and the Rural Business Cooperative Services offer $100 million of grants to fund new renewable fuel infrastructure program.

Menning Named RINAlliance President & CEO

Reo Menning is named the new President & CEO of RINAlliance.

10th Circuit Court Reverses EPA decision on Small Refinery Exemptions

In a major victory for the biofuels industry, the 10th Circuit Court overturns three Small Refinery Exemptions for large refineries.

President Trump Signs Federal Biodiesel Tax Credit

Trump signs the Federal Biodiesel Blender's Tax Credit into law, granting the biodiesel industry a little more certainty.

EPA Finalizes the Renewable Volume Obligations for the Year 2020

EPA finalizes the Renewable Volume Obligations for the year 2020 and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for the year 2021.

Small Refinery Exemptions: What Are They?

A small refinery had to prove that complying with the requirements of RFS1 would be a “disproportionate economic hardship.”

EPA Grants 2018 Small Refinery Exemptions

EPA’s announcement effectively reduces demand for renewable fuels and impact RIN pricing.

No Impact to RINAlliance Clients Expected from EPA RIN Reforms

The final rule will allow us to continue to help RINAlliance clients participate in the RIN markets