RFS Compliance

RIN Transactions Must be Tracked and Reported to U.S. EPA

RINAlliance keeps you in compliance by handling all the necessary tracking, reporting and auditing.

All parties who own RINs are required comply with multiple reporting, tracking and auditing requirements of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), including:

  • Reporting all RIN activity and transactions in the EPA Moderated Transaction System (EMTS).
  • Generating a Product Transfer Document (PTD) with each RIN transaction.
  • Submitting quarterly activity and transaction reports in accordance with EPA deadlines.
  • Undergoing an annual, third party audit (attest engagement) of your company’s RIN transactions.

RINAlliance provides a web-based system to track RIN activity and transactions. This system communicates with EPA’s EMTS, ensuring all your transactions are documented in the Federal system of record. Additionally, our web-based interface automatically generates PTDs, and will email them to the receiving party.

Our team at RINAlliance prepares the quarterly reports in accordance with EPA requirements, and proactively reviews each report looking for “red flags” prior to submitting reports to EPA. If issues are identified, RINAlliance staff will work with client to quickly correct any errors and offer suggestions on how to better manage RINs in the future.

For each compliance year, RIN owners must hire a third party certified public accountant to perform an attestation (audit) of RIN transactions and quarterly reports. Because RINAlliance is considered a RIN “system of record” by EPA, our CPAs are uniquely able to complete the attestations for our clients in a very concise and timely manner.  Our CPAs review accounts multiple times throughout the compliance year, which all but guarantees a flawless end-of-year audit.

If there are any changes to EPA’s rules, our clients can rest assured that their reports are not only accurate but correctly formatted. This is possible with zero internal software development for RINAlliance clients.

For more information on the RINAlliance compliance services, please contact us at [email protected] or call 515-224-7513.