RIN Tracking & Management

Our Web-Based System Makes RIN Management and Tracking Quick and Easy

RINAlliance provides a reliable, secure online system, with efficiencies and historical reporting not available through EMTS.

Blenders are charged with tracking every transaction detail associated with RIN transfers under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). This can be done through the EPA Moderated Transaction System (EMTS), or more seamlessly through RINAlliance’s web-based interface.

The RINAlliance system is directly connected to EPA’s EMTS, and offers many features not available through EMTS.  In particular, our clients can:

  • Buy and sell RINs in bulk rather than one transaction at a time.
  • Blend and sell RINs in one transaction.
  • Automatically generate PTDs and email them to buyers as part of the sell transaction.
  • Create custom, downloadable transaction reports on RIN buys, separations and sells.
  • Reliably access the system 24/7; transactions can be completed even if EPA’s EMTS is down.
  • Access all historical transactions, PTDs and reports.  No information is ever deleted.
  • Rest assured the data is secure and confidential.

Our system is the single, largest web-based interface working on behalf of the fuels industry under the RFS.

For more information on the RINAlliance system or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us at [email protected] or call 515-224-7513.